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SMTP Relay Email Deliverability Guidelines

please  follow all guidelines before sending out mails  to ensure proper deliverability .

1) We would need the "from" domain(s) names for which he would be sending out mails .

2) As per RFC guidelines the the clients Domain should have a postmaster@domain.tld and a abuse@domain.tld mailbox created to accecpt mails.

NOTE: Please make sure that the mails bounced are removed from your mailling database.

3) the domain should have a existing website and preferably a privacy policy link

4) the mails being sent out should have a working subscribe and unsubscribe link.

5) the email ID list should not be a purchased one, it should be a genuine opt-in list .

6) check with client if a SPF record is added for the domain SPF records need to be added to each of these domains "include:netcore.co.in" in the SPF FORMAT:

domain.com. IN TXT "v=spf1 include:netcore.co.in ~all"

7) Sign a TOC with the client regarding spam/illegal content

8) Please include the below text in header

    Please be sure to add info@domain.com to the "Contact list/Address book" to ensure that you receive our messages.

    If the subscriber adds the from id into the contacts list that will beneficial because
  • Mails will always land in inbox for hotmail,gmail etc
  • Links will be clickable by default
  • Images will be displayed by default in some service providers
For more clarification please contact agnello.dsouza at netcore.co.in



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